2011-08-30 17:00:00

Moscow mufti urges Muslims to actively integrate in Russian society

Moscow, August 30, Interfax - The Mufti of Moscow and Russia's Central Region Albir Krganov has called on Muslims to integrate more in the Russian society.

"Arabs often learnt construction, architecture and warfare from other nations. This is how the society makes progress, through mutual enrichment. And those who do not learn lag behind. One also has to be able to fit into the reality. Not to dictate their own things all the time. A Muslim is obliged to learn to live within a society without causing discomfort to anyone," the mufti said in his sermon on the occasion of the Eid ul-Fitr holiday.

On Tuesday, he performed a Muslim prayer at a specially equipped pavilion at the Sokolniki Park. For the first time, Moscow authorities provided the Islamic community with additional space for the festive service. For the believers' convenience, a special reed covering made in Syria and donated by charities has been rolled out across the entire pavilion territory. Also, loudspeakers were installed so that everyone can hear the reading of the Quran and the sermon. A total of 500 parking spaces have been allocated.

Holding such an event on suitable premises outside a mosque is a new modern take on the problem of the shortage of mosques in the capital, Mufti Krganov told Interfax-Religion. Festive Muslim prayers are held in a similar way in many Muslim countries, in particular Palestine, where whole stadia are allocated.