2011-09-21 14:43:00

NATO uses Islamists to turn over Gaddafi - expert

Moscow, September 21, Interfax The West relies on jihadists in its struggle against Lybian leader Muammar Gaddafi, researcher of the Russian Institute for Strategic Research Alexander Kuznetsov says.

"To overthrow Lybian tyrant, or rather to get access to Lybia's oil riches and set up new military bases in North Africa, western special services started cooperating with people who had recently killed NATO soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan," Kuznetsov writes in his article published on Wednesday in NG-Religii paper.

He reminds it's not the first experience of cooperation between USA special services and Al-Qaeda. West actively used Islamists militants to fight against Serbs during wars in Bosnia and Kosovo.

According to the expert, West plays a dangerous game in Lybia with extremists' help. He does not exclude a possibility that situation in Lybia can repeat Somali events after its dictator Siad Barre was turned over in 1990 and "the war of all against all" started.

"Strong influence of Islamists in Cyrenaica makes possible the following prospect: after probable landing of NATO peacemakers in west Lybia a war of Gaddafi allies against recent Benghazi rebels will start. Al-Qaeda Salafis will try to establish tough Islamic rule in Cyrenaica. And as NATO does not include Al-Qaeda's victory in its plan then western coalition will have to open a new front of never-ending war against terrorism," he further writes in the article.