2011-10-26 10:19:00

Gaddafi's Russian daughter-in-law tells how she adopted Islam and was beaten up

Moscow, October 26, Interfax - Russian wife of Muammar Gadaffi's son Seif al Islam told about immorality that reigned in the family of former Libyan leader.

Seif and Nadezhda got acquainted in 2005 at the presentation in a boutique of expensive watch, the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily reports.

"First, not to disappoint Seif's parents I had to go to Paris and restore virginity. Later a doctor in presence of Seif's aunt confirmed that I'm innocent. Then I converted to Islam. It wasn't difficult," the dictator's daughter-in-law said.

On two first days after the wedding that according to local tradition are considered masculine, only the aunt and the husband's mother were at the table, on three following days the whole Gaddfi's family joint the celebrations.

"Did they drink? Sure they did. In spite of the "dry law," all Libyans are drinking. Mostly cognac as it's color is similar to tea. Seif's father didn't join the people. He was at the backstage. His congratulations were recorded. What did he wished? Nothing special. Good health and many children," Nadezhda said.

According to her, Seif is absolutely intolerant on religious questions: "he even made a tattoo in shape of cross in his groin. Thus he tries to humiliate Christianity."

Nadezhda more than once was beaten by her husband and frequently saw orgies in her house, in which her husband with his friends were participating. Seif as his father didn't scruple to invite prostitutes from Russia.

She left for Moscow several times, but came back again. One of the quarrels resulted in Nadezhda's 47-days coma.

"Most likely, when I was unconscious, Seif just threw me out of the window - I flew down from 12th floor. Doctors found me outside. They thought I wouldn't survive, stay disabled - I had dislocation of vertebra, both arms and legs were broken, I went through craniotomy," the woman said.

She gave the interview in Moscow before recent developments in Libya and said that she was going back to her husband. Today her location is unknown.