2011-10-26 10:46:00

Political scientist predicts blossom of radical Islam and civil war in Libya

Moscow, October 26, Interfax - It is naive to think that moderate Islam will be set up in Libya, president of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny Satanovsky believes.

"An Islamic emirate has already been proclaimed in the city of Derna on the seashore - Sufi mosques are destroyed there together with tombs of local saints and sheiks. Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb runs riots in provinces. It's the first signs of Libya-style Sharia, and it's only the beginning," the political scientist said as quoted by the Kommersant daily.

On the eve head of the National Transitional Council of Libya Mustafa Abdel Jalil said that from now on the country would live according to the Sharia law.

Satanovsky supposes that Libyans will be guided by Saudi Arabia and Qatar that stand behind Muammar Gaddafi's deposition.

He predicts that real civil war will unleash in Libya.

"It's not the matter of Gaddafi's allies resistance. Questions of slaughter between tribes and blood feud, probable split of the country, its afghanization or somalization are more important. Libya is inhabited by almost two hundred Arab tribes, about hundred berber people and tuaregs live in its inner districts," the expert reminded.

He believes "the massacre will be terrific."

"Warlords will play the leading roles. The most influential among them are people from Al-Qaeda like Abdul Hakim Belhadj as Tripoli is given to him. Distribution of the oil pie can last for several decades," Satanovsky said.