2011-11-10 18:50:00

Russia remains a Communist country, renowned priest believes

Moscow, November 10, Interfax - Renowned church historian and professor of St. Petersburg Theological Academy Archpriest Georgy Mitrofanov believes the Russian society has not got rid of Soviet mentality.

"There was a time in early 90th when a struggle for renaming (streets and cities named after Bolsheviks - IF) could have stimulated the most important thing - our rejection of Communist past and transfiguration of ourselves. But it never happened. And it didn't happened not because someone did not let it happened. Overwhelming majority just doesn't need it," the priest said in his interview with the Vozvrascheniye website.

According to him, Communism in Russia "decayed, mimicrated and in fact remained. Those communism of Brezhnev times without any idea."

"Totalitarian ideology achieved the most important thing - it formed people who lack any ideas, people, who don't need any ideas. They don't even suppose that people can have convictions," Father Georgy said.

He pointed out that in Soviet period "not only great number of Russian people were exterminated, but they were the best Russians, who as usual were bearers of historical memory."

"I mean what is called an elite: from nobility to peasants, from intellectuals to workers. This layer of elite among all classes was exterminated. And they were exterminated not by some UFO people, but by the worst Russian people. These best Russians didn't give birth to children, while the worst Russians had children and brought them up with their own ideas of history, country and so on," the priest said.