2012-01-18 13:53:00

Russian Muslims believe Krishnaites a sect and ready to deliver them Halal meat

Moscow, January 18, Interfax - Russia's Islam leaders believe the Society for Krishna Consciousness functioning in the country is a sect.

"Back in 2004, the Coordination Center of North Caucasus Muslims (CCNCM) was outraged with actions of the Society for Krishna Consciousness as it used disastrous condition of Muslim population in Chechnya and in mid 1990s conducted active proselyte work among it," general representative of the North Caucasus Muslim Board in Moscow Shafig Pshikhachev told Interfax-Religion.

The mufti reminded that then Islamic leaders of the North Caucasus called the Society for Krishna Consciousness "a destructive sect" and stressed that since then CCNCM position has not changed.

He mentioned that in 2004 Krishnaites accepted that they distributed food dedicated to Krishna as a humanitarian help to Muslims in Grozny "though they understood it pretty well that the Sharia law prohibits Muslims to eat such food."

The interviewee of the agency said that in the present moment Muslims of Karachayevo-Cherkessia complain of Krishnaites.

In his turn, first deputy chairman of the Central Spiritual Board of Russian Muslims Mufti of Moscow and Russia's Central Region Albir Krganov said he agreed with his colleague and recalled that in 2004 the Interrelligious Council of Russia that consists of all the country's traditional religions "condemned provocative actions of Krishnaites as they distribute sacrificial food the so-called Prasad."

"If the sect persists that when Krishnaites distributed their food they made a good deed then we're ready to pay the debt and start delivering nutritious Halal stewed meat in cans to starving Krishnaites of India. We are ready to personally distribute this meat to Russian Krishnaites," he said.

Another Islamic figure, head of All-Russian Muslim Board executive committee Muhammedgali Huzin told the agency that Russian authorities should not yield to the pressure connected with the judicial proceedings in Tomsk, which considered the question of banning Bhagavad-Gita as It Is with commentaries of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness founder Swami Prabhupada.

"I believe that Russian authorities should be principally tough in the question and shouldn't give way to any provocations and pressure. I think that Russia can do without semiliterate interpretations of ancient epos. Mahabharata is known here for more than a century and many reputable scientists wrote normal commentaries on it," the Mufti said.