2012-01-27 15:24:00

Orthodox believers conveyed a batch of tinned stewed meat to Moscow Krishnaites in protest against burning Russian flag

Moscow, January 27, Interfax - Representatives of Orthodox Resistance Movement to Murdering of Children conducted an action and conveyed a batch of tinned stewed meat to the Moscow Society for Krishna Conciseness.

The Movement officials told Interfax-Religion, thus they reacted to the burning of Russian state flag held near the Russian Embassy in India.

"This disgraceful act has become one of the steps in the unprecedented campaign of pressing on Russian court that was considering a claim to recognize a book Bhagavad Gita As It Is an extremist material as it is spread by adherents of the so-called International Society for Krishna Conciseness," the movement statement reads.

According to the authors of the document, anti-Russian action to support Krishnaites was held by allies of the ultra-nationalist Indian People's Party as "many international human rights advocates link cruel attacks on living in India Christians and Muslims with activity of this organization (number of such attacks often resulting in human victims exceeded 2000 last year)."

"Outrageous for our times situation when some Indian states strictly restrict religious freedom and a Hindu who wants to adopt Christianity or Islam is subjected to fine or even imprisonment is also connected with this "party of Russian Krishnaites advocates," the statement reads.

Earlier Russian Muslims also announced that they launch an action "of collecting and sending starving Indians humanitarian help in form of Halal canned stewed meat."