2012-02-10 15:42:00

Sunni states play leading role in attempts to overthrow Syrian regime analyst

Moscow, February 10, Interfax - Chairman of the Foreign and Defense Policy Council Sergey Karaganov believes that one should not draw comparisons between the current situation in Syria and the developments in Libya in 2011.

"No, the developments in Syria are unfolding according to their own scenario, unfortunately, to a significant degree an inter-Arab one," he said to Interfax answering the question whether the events in Syria follow the Libyan scenario.

In his opinion, Arab states, not the West, play a leading role in trying to overthrow the regime of President Bashar Assad.

"Sunni Arab regimes are trying to topple Syria to a greater extent than the West. The same regimes want to weaken Iran because it also has a Shiite regime and Syria is Iran's ally," Karaganov said.

Meanwhile, the West has a set of its own interests in Syria that differ from Arab interests, he said.

In his opinion, "the West doesn't even fully realize what it is doing."

"Someone is hiding behind slogans of supporting democracy even though it is apparent that there is no democracy there and there will be none in Libya but there will be an even bloodier regime than Assad's," Karaganov said.

Asked whether Russia will lose its good relationship with Syria because of its support for the Assad regime, if other forces come to power in that country Karaganov said that nobody will benefit from the change of the regime.

"Who will take it [Syria]? You know, if the Assad regime is overthrown and Syria takes the road which Egypt is racing along and which Tunisia and Libya are following, no partners will be possible there," he said.

The analyst singled out Israel which, in his opinion, will not receive any dividends for the change of power in Syria.

"Israel is in a tragic position. It used to be surrounded by relatively stable regimes with which it had at least some relations. Now it has collapsing regimes around that are being succeeded by radical Islamists," he said.

Giving a general description of the Russian position on Syria Karaganov said that Moscow "proceeds from the principled stance - not to permit the political victory of the West."