2012-03-23 14:21:00

Russia ready for dialogue with pro-Islamist parties in North Africa

Moscow, March 23, Interfax - Tripoli is expecting delegations of Russian companies that used to work in Libya and would like to resume their operations in this country, Russian presidential envoy for cooperation with African countries Mikhail Margelov told the Voice of Russia radio station.

"They proposed discussing each contract individually, and I hope that our Russian companies will start to send their delegations to Tripoli," he said.

Russia is ready to build dialogue with pro-Islamist parties coming to power in countries of North Africa and the Middle East, he said.

"Our principle is very simple: Russia is a key world power and has global interests. We cannot sacrifice these interests," Margelov said.

"If today's political realities mean that pro-Islamist parties tend to win a parliamentary majority in different North African or Arab countries, it means only one thing - we ought to establish dialogue with them," he said.

"In the Muslim world, Islamist parties have already come to power in Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya and the Palestinian National Authority, where Hamas won earlier," Margelov said.

"It does not mean that Russia has a complex about it, feels scared and will stop contacts," he said.

"We held contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood, whose members were elected to Egypt's previous parliament as independent deputies," he said.