2012-05-10 10:00:00

Most Russians trust Church and the Patriarch - poll

Moscow, May 10, Interfax - 73% of Russians are sure that today the Russian Church plays a positive role in the country's life, only 2% disagree with them, sociologists from the Public Opinion Foundation say.

64% of Russians say they trust the Russian Church, 56% trust Patriarch Kirill. 8% of respondents do not trust both of them, 14% trust them partially. Others found it difficult to express their opinion on the question.

During the poll held on April 28-29 in one hundred cities and towns, 68% of respondents said they considered themselves Orthodox Christians, 6% adhered to Islam, 1% of respondents said they belong to other Christian confessions and 20% said they are atheists.

73% of the respondents said the Russian Orthodox Church plays a positive role in the country's life and only 2% said its role is negative.

44% of respondents confessed they "try to observe some church directions," 5% do it "strictly and rigorously" and 18% do not observe them.

19% of the respondents said they have recently seen criticism of the Russian Orthodox Church in the media, while the majority (73%) said they have not noticed such criticism. 8% of those who said they have noticed criticism of the Russian Orthodox Church in the media said the press is presenting information in an objective way, while 6% believe there is a planned campaign against the Russian Orthodox Church going on.

Among the negative publications about the Russian Orthodox Church the respondents mentioned reports on Patriarch Kirill, reports on the Pussy Riot scandal, and reports on Church interference in politics.

In the meantime, Russians are divided on the issue whether the Russian Orthodox Church should be rich to fulfill its functions. 39% of the respondents believe the Church does need to be rich, 23% said it does not to be rich, and 39% were undecided.