2012-05-22 13:19:00

Pussy Riot band member ends five-day hunger strike - lawyer

Moscow, May 22, Interfax - Pussy Riot punk band member Yekaterina Samutsevich has stopped her hunger strike, her lawyer Mark Feigin told Interfax.

"I learnt about my client's hunger strike from her father, who was told about it by the jail staff when he tried to leave a food parcel for her," he recalled.

"I saw Katya (Samutsevich) and she told me that she had fasted for just over five days, protesting the Moscow City Court ruling which upheld the legality of her arrest extension, like for the other girls (band members)," Feigin said.

Besides, his client chose such an extreme measure because she was pressurized by her cellmates.

"She is not on the best of terms with her cellmates, and her being a political and opposition activist, they (cellmates) seem to have all sorts of grievances against her," the lawyer said.

"At any rate, Samutsevich asked to be transferred into a solitary confinement cell, which was granted to her after she announced the hunger strike, this is why she stopped it," Feigin said.