2012-06-20 10:05:00

Al Qaeda leads interreligious war in Syria - al-Assad's advisor

Moscow, June 20, Interfax - The political and media advisor to the Syrian president Bouthaina Shaaban lays responsibility for kindling interreligious conflict in the country on terrorists.

"Mainstream Shia representatives, Alawites and Christians have been the target of such attacks, making the Sunni-Shia confrontation one of the elements of the crisis," she said at a meeting with Ilyas Umakhanov, deputy speaker of Russia's Federation Council, the upper chamber of parliament.

She stressed that "until recently, Syria never saw any confrontation along religious lines, but such confrontation is underway today as a result of the work done by al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations."

Shaaban said that civilians of different faiths had been murdered in Syria by terrorists from other countries, including North African states, not by Syrians: the capture of foreign mercenaries by the Syrian Army proved it.

According to her, insurgent groups who are operating in Syria are receiving weapons from abroad and their task is to destroy infrastructure and deliver a blow to the National Army.

"Apart from that, they are eliminating individual representatives of the country's political, academic and cultural elite and the intelligentsia. This subversive work is aimed at destroying Syria," the advisor said.