2012-06-21 14:50:00

Zyuganov compares Lenin's mausoleum to Qaaba, the Wailing Wall and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Moscow, June 21, Interfax - Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov sharply criticizes Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky for initiative to rebury Lenin's body.

"We're lingering over topics of various demolitions and transfers. And to raise at people's shrines is a very dangerous thing," Zyuganov says in his open letter titled "The Minister of Vulgarity."

The Communist leader urged to think what would happen if Muslims learned that Qaaba in Mecca would be transferred to another place or Jews in Jerusalem found out that "mad from big money "sportsmen" decided to use the sacred Wailing Wall for training, or recent example when the Orthodox Church in response to desecration of its shrines led out about half million believers to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on April 22.

"And for many citizens of our country both the Mausoleum and the Pantheon at the Kremlin wall have always been a shrine. Over 12 million citizens actively support the Communist Party by their actions and electoral bulletins. Majority of people share our key ideas and program provisions. Lenin's name is sacred for them," the letter reads.

According to some experts, the Mausoleum on Red Square in downtown Moscow is a copy of Sumerian ziggurates where occult rituals were held. A pyramid is also masons' occult symbol and some specialists believe that Soviets adopted some symbols and degrees of initiation from them.