2012-06-22 17:34:00

Breguet denies its representative participated in awarding Patriarch Kirill with the Silver Galosh

Moscow, June 22, Interfax - The Breguet company denies that its representative participated in the ceremony Silver Galosh anti-prize that was given to Patriarch Kirill.

"A person who was introduced as Phillip Balle at the Silver Galosh ceremony organized by the Silver Rain radio station on June 18, 2012, has never had anything to do with the Montres Breguet SA Switzerland nor with any company or brand incorporated in the Swatch Group," the company said in its statement published on Friday by the Kommersant daily.

It also reads that the company is "extremely outraged by such developments and "conducts a special investigation in order to make an official claim to the organizers of the above mentioned ceremony and official demand to make a public statement that the Montres Breguet SA (Switzerland) has never participated in this ceremony."

"Montres Breguet SA (Switzerland) also announced that no one has right to present himself as a representative of the Montres Breguet SA without properly established power. The Montres Breguet SA (Switzerland) will take all necessary legal measures to provide it," the statement stresses.

The Silver Rain awarding ceremony for most doubtful achievements took place in Moscow on June 18. The Patriarch won the nomination Up to one’s elbows in miracles for the "immaculate disappearance of a watch." A man who was introduced as Philip Balle, a Breguet representative, came up to the stage to give out the award.

Several years ago some websites posted a photo that displayed Breguet watch on the Patriarch's hand. Patriarch was criticized for liking material goods. The Patriarch said it was a collage, while his watches was not expensive.

The second notorious story with "the Patriarch's watch" took place in April. Bloggers paid attention that a photo from the Patriarch's meeting with Justice Minister Alexander Konovalov was changed at the website of the Russian Church: there was watch on the Patriarch's hand reflected at the table where he is sitting while there was no watch on his hand. This situation raised a lot of perplexed comments from the Internet users.

The patriarchal press service stated that staff members of its photo branch made a "ridiculous mistake" when working with an archive posted on the website. Many people thought it was an attempt to airbrush the Patriarch's expensive watch.