2012-07-10 18:08:00

Supreme Court decides not to consider appeal by over 100 culture figures in support for Pussy Riot

Moscow, July 10, Interfax - The Russian Supreme Court has decided not to consider an appeal by a group of prominent Russian culture figures in support for members of the Pussy Riot punk band.

"The appeal has been returned to the applicants," Supreme Court spokesman Pavel Odintsov told Interfax on Tuesday.

The reason why the Supreme Court did so is that the document was not properly drawn up, Odintsov said. "There were only two signatures on the application, and a list of culture and art figures attached to it did not bear signatures," he said.

A 2006 federal law stipulating the procedure of appeals says that such a document must have signatures of all applicants listed on it, he said.

The two people who signed the appeal have been told that there are no reasons to consider their appeal as they are not parties to the criminal proceedings.