2012-07-23 14:32:00

Muslim Brotherhood doesn't want Libyan scenario in Syria but unhappy with Russian stand

Moscow, July 23, Interfax - The Muslim Brotherhood Islamist group believes that Russia and Iran are conniving to repress the people of Syria.

"The Russian veto on the [UN] Security Council resolution, which implied sanctions against the regime, will allow the regime to keep using force against the people. It is like putting a hangman's rope around a drowning person's neck," Ali Sadreddine al-Bayanouni, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Syria told the Voice of Russia radio.

He said Muslim Brotherhood held the international community responsible for the murders in Syria and demanded they take action to stop the violence.

"It is immaterial whether that is done by the UN Security Council or without it. There is already foreign interference in the Syrian conflict - just see how Iran and Russia support the Syrian regime; is not that an act of interference?" he wondered.

Al-Bayanouni also claimed that Russian concerns over the future of ethnic and religious minorities in Syria in the case the opposition took the power were unfounded.

"We would not want the Russian administration to worry for nothing. Religious minorities in Syria will not be hurt. For instance, the Muslim Brotherhood aims at civil society in Syria. Our goal is a country to ensure rights of all citizens regardless of their nationality or religion," he said.

Muslim Brotherhood does not mind the work of UN observers in Syria, but does not consider it helpful.

"We do not put much stock in UN assistance. We also have little hope that the observers can stop the violence. People have been witnessing continuous murder over the past few months regardless of the presence of UN representatives," he said.

"The Syrian opposition counts on its own forces" and does not want the Syrian scenario to repeat, he said.

"We can do it unaided, I can assure you. The time of the Syrian regime is running out; its days are numbered," he said.