2012-08-03 10:36:00

London police detain Ukrainian feminists protesting IOC's flirtation with radical Islam

Kiev, August 3, Interfax - London police have detained five French women who are activists of the Ukrainian feminist movement FEMEN for holding a protest demonstration against radical Islamism.

FEMEN reported that the women simulated a race of three Muslim female athletes being driven by Bedouin lashes near Tower Bridge. As is customary for FEMEN stunts, the women acted topless, and police stopped the performance.

"FEMEN demands that the International Olympic Committee condemn violence against women in Islamic states. The female movement FEMEN demands that states practicing Sharia law not be admitted to Olympic Games, as inhumanity of Sharia law goes dramatically against the Olympic principles of peace and philanthropy," FEMEN said in explaining the purposes of the protest.

FEMEN accused Islamic regimes of simulating democratic changes in women's status.

"Sending individual female athletes to Olympic Games, the governments of Muslim countries disguise mass oppression and bloody executions of their fellow-countrywomen. Admitting Islamic countries to the large and democratic Olympic family, the IOC promotes legitimization and expansion of wild Sharia ideas around the world. Continuing to flirt with radical Islam and its whims, the IOC will soon have to introduce new Olympic events, such as speedy stoning of women, or artistic rape, or football with a severed female head," FEMEN said.