2012-08-15 12:40:00

Russian Parents' Assembly asks Madonna to take Pussy Riot to America

Moscow, August 15, Interfax - Representatives of the public organization Russian Parents' Assembly offered Madonna to take Pussy Riot girls with her to America as the singer supported them at her recent concert in Moscow.

"We, parents of Russia, address you not as a Satanist or a fading singer, but as a mother: never come again to our country and take Pussy Riot with you. America is a more suitable place for them," parents wrote in their address to the editorial office of Madonna's official website conveyed to Interfax-Religion.

Pointing out to the title of the scandal group Pussy Riot, the parents' organization stresses that singers do not consider themselves people so they cannot enjoy human rights.

"You are of the same kind - you have one master. This master has decided that you personify only one part of body - your pussy, he even denied you the right to have hands, legs, head and soul," the address reads.

The parents reminded that Christianity released woman from slavery, allowed her "to lift up to a grand height unprecedented for her in earthly life," and admits great mission of a woman while Madonna and "girls-blasphemers" are deprived of this "holy right."

"Church is not a building, Church is not priests, Church is people, all of us. We are able to stand up for our shrines, our faith, our children. You and girls-blasphemers are enemies of the Church and it means you are enemies of our country," participants in the Russian Parents' Assembly write to Madonna. The organization includes parental committees from various cities and regions of the country.