2012-08-15 14:28:00

Syria won't be affected by suspended OIC membership - parliamentary representative

Moscow, August 15, Interfax - The possible suspension of Syria's membership in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation will not negatively impact Syria, the Syrian parliament's executive secretary, Khaled al-Abboud, said in a TV linkup at Interfax on Wednesday.

"This is insignificant for us economically, politically and militarily. No impact will follow," he said.

The Syrian parliamentary representative added that Saudi Arabia had proposed suspending Syria's membership.

"I think it is an attempt to devise a joint Saudi-Iranian scenario, which meets the interests of some countries. Iran, on the one hand, poses as a defender of the Syrian people, but on the other, attempts are being made to entangle it into the current process," he said.

Tensions in Syria are playing into US hands, he also said.

"Some are interested in inciting tensions and instability in Syria, especially in the context of the American election campaign," he added.

Western media reported that the OIC could announce on Wednesday evening that it is suspending Syria's membership.

The draft statement of the OIC summit, which will close in Mecca on Wednesday, says that the summit confirms suspending Syria's membership.

The reason behind this decision is the stubbornness of the Syrian authorities who continue the fighting, the draft says.

It also conveys the demand to the President Bashar al-Assad regime, to end the violence immediately.

Reports said earlier that the OIC foreign ministers had backed the idea of suspending Syria's membership. The final decision is to be made by the OIC leaders.

Iran earlier expressed strong opposition to the plan to suspend Syria's membership in the OIC, saying that this move would not help settle the Syrian crisis.

"Syria's suspended membership will not bring us closer to a solution. On the country, it will stir up the crisis even further at a time when we must seek ways out of the crisis," said Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi.

The OIC has 57 Islamic member-countries. Russia has observer status in it. The consent of at least two thirds of the members must be secured if a country's membership is to be suspended. This means that Iran alone will not manage to freeze this decision.