2012-08-20 10:03:00

Three Pussy Riot supporters could be prosecuted

Moscow, August 20, Interfax - Ninety-seven people were detained near Moscow's Khamovnichesky Court when the sentence passed on the Pussy Riot punk singers, was being pronounced, a source in law enforcement services told Interfax.

"Sixty-two were detained on administrative charges of violating the rules of holding rallies, punishable by a fine at court order," he said. Two others were detained for disobeying police and they will stand trial on Monday. This offence is punishable by 15-day administrative arrest. The others were released after they were informed of the consequences.

Meanwhile, criminal charges could be brought against three of the detained offenders.

A Muscovite, aged 34, ran into the premises of the Turkish Embassy as she was being chased by police, and she was ousted from Turkish territory by diplomats.

A young man was detained after he sprayed pepper gas at two police officers, who had to turn to doctors.

Prominent opposition activist Garry Kasparov offered fierce resistance to police and bit a police officer on the hand. The policeman was hospitalized with a severe bite.

Reports on these offences have been referred to the Moscow Investigative Committee.

A man was sentenced to a three-day administrative arrest after he put on a red balaclava, the Pussy Riot singers' trademark symbol, on a sculpture representing a WW II Byelorussian partisan, at the Belorusskaya metro station.