2012-08-24 16:21:00

Russian Muslims express solidarity with Syrian govt

Moscow, August 24, Interfax - A delegation of Islamic religious leaders led by Muhammedgali Huzin, chairman of the executive committee of the All-Russian Muslim Board, has paid a visit to Syria to express support for the Syrian government.

The Russian muftis met with Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi and expressed hopes that Syria will overcome the current political crisis, Huzin told Interfax-Religion on Friday.

"All population groups in Russia and all religions back the people of Syria in their conflict with the U.S. attacks and in the fight against Islamic terrorists, who commit crimes against the country and its citizens," Huzin told Wael al-Halqi.

According to Huzin, the Syrian prime minister said Syria will continue to resist religious extremists' attacks.

After the meeting, Farid Salman Khaidarov, the head of the council of ulemas of the All-Russian Muslim Board, told reporters the Muslims of Syria and Russia are acting as "a united front in the fight against radical Islam."

"Syria is a country of true Islam, not the Islam created by the British occupation, which is similar to Wahhabism," he said.

The mufti said he is confident that Syria and its people will eventually win because they are "doing the right thing defending justice" and resist the colonial ambitions of the Western countries, which are trying to destroy the entire region to gain control over resources.

During the meeting, Syrian Information Minister Muhammad Ibrahim al-Sha'ar called for the dissemination of truthful information to fight "the campaign of lies conducted by the media controlled by the West."