2012-08-29 14:35:00

Erotic art museum attacked by Orthodox Christians

Moscow, August 29, Interfax - Orthodox Christian activists have attacked the erotic art museum in central Moscow, museum director Alexander Donskoy wrote on his Facebook page.

"Orthodox Christians have just attacked the Erotic Art Museum on the Arbat. They had bricks in their hands. The museum administrator fled her workplace, fearing for her life," Donskoy said in a post he made on Tuesday night.

Law enforcement authorities must investigate this "unsettling incident," he said.

"No one has the right to impose their will and threaten other people. Today the Orthodox militants punish us for our support for Pussy Riot, send us death threats and rip clothes off ordinary passers-by, and tomorrow they will start destroying churches of other religious denominations and slay atheists," the statement said.

What happened is an instance of extremism, Donskoy said.

"We ask the investigative authorities and personally our Constitution guarantor Vladimir Putin to stop this movement of Orthodox militants that is loathed in a secular state. We also hope that Patriarch Kirill will assess the actions of the people posing as Orthodox believers as they damage the perception of church as a bright spiritual institution," Donskoy said.

He is known as an ex-mayor of Arkhangelsk who set up the Party of Love in 2012. In March, the party made a name for itself after a nude dip in a fountain at the GUM department store in support of Pussy Riot.