2012-10-01 11:46:00

Pussy Riot activist refuses her lawyer's services

Moscow, October 1, Interfax - Yekaterina Samutsevich, a member of the punk group Pussy Riot, has refused the services of her lawyers who have defended her until now.

"I want to refuse the services of my lawyer Violetta Volkova and, consequently, the two other lawyers because my position on this criminal case is different from their position," Samutsevich said during the hearing of the Pussy Riot cassation appeal in the Moscow City Court.

Samutsevich said she has already found a different lawyer, but this lawyer cannot participate in the trial yet because an agreement has not been signed yet.

In the meantime, the state prosecutor asked the court to decline Samutsevich's request to change lawyers.

"She does not state on what precisely her position is different," the prosecutor said, adding that Samutsevich does not have any other lawyers.