2012-10-05 16:20:00

Some priests try to "christen" Apple gadgets in Russia

Moscow, October 5, Interfax - Some believers in Russia have replaced the logo on devices manufactured by the company Apple purchased by them for religious reasons, but at the same time have no intention of giving them up.

Interfax-Religion has learned that some Orthodox believers, including priests, have replaced the apple logo with images of crosses. They believe that an apple symbolizes the original sin described in the Bible and anti-Christianity, whereas the cross in Christianity symbolizes the Savior's victory over death and the redemption of the original sin.

The first Apple logo featured Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple on it. An advertising agency later developed a different logo for the company: a bitten apple. There are many opinions as to why this logo was chosen, but no official version exists.

In the meantime, a political party called Yabloko (which translates as "apple") has been operating in Russia for some 20 years. It has recently issued a sharp statement against the creation in Russia of a "clerical-police state" with an ideology "represented by a volatile mixture of militant clericalism and obscurantism." The authorities of this policy are deliberately fuelling a conflict between the Russian Orthodox Church and secular civil society," Yabloko said.