About Us

The Religion portal is a unit of the Interfax independent news group. All its materials are available on-line in their full versions and so is a free access to the archives of all the religious news reported by Interfax since 1989.

The most important news reports of the portal are published on the main news reel and included in its paid distribution whose subscribers are nearly 20 thousand in various countries of the world including governmental organizations, ministries and departments, leading world mass media, major international corporations and banks.

In developing the project, every requirement made by today’s users to such resources has been met. Along with news, the website presents exclusive interviews and analytical materials, detailed monitoring of the central, regional and religious press as well as a survey of specialized internet resources.

In addition, the Religion portal offers such a service as the monitoring of TV and radio programs. The Memorable Dates rubric indicates major religious holidays and principal biographical landmarks in the life of prominent religious leaders in Russia, the CIS and countries of the far abroad.

The news reel of the portal has a setup option that makes it possible to select materials by type and geographical and issue parameters. For instance, the news reel can be set up to show reports only on Orthodoxy in Ukraine or Islam in Russia.

We are open to cooperation with every religious organization working in accordance with the Russian law, except for those structures which build their communication policy on obvious lies. At the same time, we uphold the principle that the share of news about a particular religious organization should correspond to the number of its followers and its influence in society.

Valentina Trubetskaya - Religion portal editor-in-chief.

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